International Youth Day

September 14, 2020 News

International Youth Day is an international event, which is marked every 12th of August.

It was marked for the first time in 2000. with the main focus on problems and questions of youth, in many spheres (cultural, social and political life). The youth represents the pillar of society. The youth is the future. 

Synergy is youth organization which represent the youth in the first plan. Volunteers and members of Synergy are the young people who have their own desires and aims. Leaded by their dreams and visions, the youth in Synergy show their full potentials, perfecting their skills and make healthy relations. This youth organization is one more step for accomplishing the aims of youth. 

Regarding to the International Youth Day, Aleksandra Lazarevic, the most prominent member of YEC Synergy, shows her attitudes on the topic of including and engaging the youth in public life. 

Aleksandra Lazarevic was volunteering for many years. From 2012. to 2014. She was the part of non-governmental organization Domovik, where she had the role of peer mediator and educator. Then, she became the member of Synergy and as she says it brought to her many things. “I mastered technics of soft skills and public appearance. I met many friends, spread the circle of people I know. I participated in many activities, visited Kandersteg, Budapest and Strasbourg, where I participated in international and educational sessions, representing Synergy and the youth from my society.” says Aleksandra. Moreover, she acquired non-formal education in Synergy, taking part in many workshops on the topic of gender equality, violence, sexual and reproductive health and human rights. 

Aleksandra points out that International Youth Day is promoting and giving importance to youth. Also, it is a reminder that youth people are the most important, they need confidence and they should not be taken out from the process of bringing important decisions. She says that it is necessary that youth participate in cultural, social and political part of life. If the youth are not heard there is no improvement. Every idea and attitude of young man or woman should be the most important. Their voices should be heard and ideas supported. 

For Aleksandra, the long-term volunteer of Synergy, participation is the process of including young people in society. She considers that the young people should not be observers of environment, they should be included in the life and the world around themselves, beside their comfort zone. Youth should meet the other people, participating in different sections or becoming part of some organization, volunteering, giving contribution to society. For her, participation is very important and it represents a big responsibility and contribution to society she lives in.   

One of the representatives of youth in North Mitrovica, sends the main message to all young people: “The message for youth is not to be passive. To be active and to include in processes of bringing decisions in local area. Participation or including, volunteering, in different youth organization, participating in cultural and social events. In that way, the youth improve themselves in soft skills sphere, meeting the world around them.” Aleksandra concludes that the youth people should go away from the comfort zone and to meet the world that surrounds them. 

The activity is implemented by YEC Synergy within the framework of the Young Men Initiative II – The Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Balkans project, supported by CARE International Balkans, Austrian Development Cooperation and Oak Foundation.

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