What did pandemic COVID-19 teach us?

July 23, 2020 News

Pandemic COVID-19 is the most known topic which matters whole world. COVID-19 poses crucial questions which search for many answers.

The flow and pace of life is changed. Daily rutine and events are cancelled. Life became straight line. People wearing masks and hygienic gloves became everday life. What is COVID-19? What consequences this pandemic makes? Where is the cause of disaster which affected the whole world? All these questions are imposed to every human being in this Planet.

Pandemic COVID-19 left the culture in a shadow. Culture is basis for indivudual and group development. Culture is essence of everything. People keep themselves and their environment by nurturing and preserving culture. That culture and possessing real values is the postulate which every man should adopt showed volunteers of Youth Educational Club Synergy. 

The most prominent members of Synergy published video Whatdidpandemic COVID-19 teach us? and pointed out that real values are condition for keeping healthy lifestyle and mental health during the disaster which affected all human beings on the planet Earth. Marija Barovic, Nikolija Petronijevic, Nenad Jovanovic and Dragana Milic represented their views and personal impression. What did they teach? How did they feel? In what way did the knowledge from workshops help them to overcome situation? Four, the most active volunteers and members of Synergy responded on these questions. Marija, Nikolija, Nenad and Dragana shared their feelings and attitudes regarding to pandemic COVID-19. 

Student of Geography on the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Kosovska Mitrovica learned that not to judge and to discriminate other people, as she would not like to have violated rights. Marija pointed out importance of empathy which represents condition for healthy relations. Long-term volunteer of Synergy spent most of time with her family, helping her sister about homework. Marija said that the family is the most appreciate matter. Moreover, she spent her free time watching movies and reading books. 

Nikolija Petronijevic, Grammar school student pointed out importance of appreciating real values and leaving in the moment. During the pandemic COVID-19, Nikolija spent time with her family and surrounded by nature, reading books and watching movies. Active volunteer realised that right on free movement is very important matter, especially in the moment when that right was violated. 

Nenad Jovanovic, student of Electrical Engeneering said that he learned how to struggle with his problems and single out family as the biggest support. Nenad spent most of his time doing some sport, but also, he had time for accomplishing obligations on faculty. 

Dragana Milic, student of Arts and the prominent member of Synergy realised importance of free movement and spending time with her family. Dragana worked on self-improving, perfecting her professional skills, learning and preparing her mid-term tests and exams. Solidarity is characteristic which this young girl appreciates. 

Family, empathy, possessing healthy lifestyles and real values are the main message which pointed out Marija, Nikolija, Nenad and Dragana. Despite hard circumstances, these youngsters succeeded to be mentally healthy and to struggle for cultural values.

The activity is implemented by YEC Synergy within the framework of the Young Men Initiative II – The Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Balkans project, supported by CARE International Balkans and Oak Foundation

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