World No Tobacco Day in Mostar

July 1, 2020 News, YMI News

BMC Mostar members have made it a tradition to develop some kind of a street action on 31st of May – World No Tobacco Day. This year, due to COVID-19 outbreak and measures put in place, youngsters came up with some creative ideas to raise awareness during quarantine.

BMC members created educational poster to raise awareness and motivate young people to take more care about their health and wellbeing. Key messages that were visible during the online campaign are:

  • Smoking kills 8 million people each year.
  • E-cigarette use increases risk of heart diseases and lung disorder. 
  • Tobacco use is responsible for 25% of all cancer related deaths globally. 

All forms of tobacco contain the highly addictive psychoactive ingredient nicotine. Tobacco use is one of the main risk factors for a number of chronic diseases including cancer, lung disease, and cardiovascular disease. Despite this reality, it is commonly used throughout the world despite a number of countries having legislation to restrict tobacco advertising, regulate who can buy and use tobacco products, and designate where people can smoke

Globally, there is a greater likelihood that young men will smoke, drink and use other drugs than young women. Such behaviors, in general, are part of a constellation of risky behavior of men and are associated with a variety of other problems that are also often associated with young men, from participation in traffic accidents to the use of violence.

Youth Power and BMC Mostar networks have reached 1952 individuals on Facebook and 3920 young people 14-30 years old on Instagram.

The activity is implemented within the project Young Men Initiative II: “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes II”, supported by the Swiss Government, Oak Foundation and CARE International Balkans Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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