Be a Man, It’s Time for Heroes in Zenica!

October 4, 2019 Regional and International, YMI News

In cooperation with CARE International and the Perpetuum mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development, on 20, 21 and 22 September, the Association “Our Children” from Zenica became richer for another educational program, by creating a new and affirmative place for young people. Zenica got its own Be a Man Club.

Be a Man Club (BMC) is an activity within the project Young Men Initiative, which brings together children and young people to raise public awareness of healthy lifestyles, life against violence and appropriate behaviors in society.

Association “Our Children” from Zenica marked the official start of Zenica’s Be a Man Club. Within the first BH community radio (Radio “Active” Zenica – 88.5FM), Be a Man Club had its own block that outlined the basic educational values promoted by this program. Some of the messages sent via radio were:

  • Be the man by standing before her and defending her in front of everyone.
  • A nice word costs nothing and means a lot, while an ugly one leaves consequences.
  • You are as strong as she is happy
  • Violence is out!
  • Her smile is your responsibility.
  • Be a man, think of both of you!
  • Be a man, don’t be such a drag!
  • Be a man, don’t think only about yourself!
  • Be a man even though you are a woman.

Be a Man Club is officially part of our city and all young people are welcome! – representatives of the association highlighted. In the coming period we can expect a lot of activities.

The activity was implemented as part of the project YMI – Young Men Initiative II: “Promoting Healthier Lifestyles among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes II”, supported by the Government of Switzerland, the OAK Foundation, the Austrian Development Agency and CARE International Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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