TOP training for trainers of Center E8, Avala, Serbia

September 19, 2019 Regional and International, YMI News

A great group of participants attended the six-days Training Educational Program of Center E8, held from 20-25 August at Avala.

This comprehensive training for trainers covered many important topics such as the prevention of violence and especially gender-based violence, followed by gender issues and rethinking stereotypes in society, sexual and reproductive health and other topics included in the Program Y.

We also addressed the prevention of discrimination, hate speech and violent extremism, i.e. topics covered by the Program Y+. In addition, topics covering media and information literacy were also addressed to broaden the influence and empowerment of young people for current challenges in today’s society.

Since it is a training for trainers, special attention is given to numerous sessions on the skills and techniques of workshop work and to their practising, that is the practical implementation of the workshops through simulations and then feedback and discussions in order to further develop and improve them.

During this training, the young people had the opportunity to practice public speaking techniques, then to transfer all the acquired knowledge into workshop work, as well as to learn from each other. We are very pleased that we were able to bring together such a quality group of participants who would soon try out the lessons learned “in the field”, i.e. in direct work with young people.

Numerous hands-on exercises, games and team-building activities also marked this training, as well as walking to the Avala Tower and the Monument to the Unknown Hero and enjoying the natural beauty.

The training for trainers was supported by CARE International Balkans, the Austrian Development Agency and the OAK Foundation as part of the project: “Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and the Prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Western Balkans”.

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