Program Y workshops at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade

December 4, 2018 Program Y, Regional and International

A group of students participated in the workshops of the Centre E8 in order to get acquainted with the methodology and various activities within the Program Y. It is a program and an educational model for working with young people on issues of gender equality, reconsidering gender roles, prevention of violence (and especially gender-based violence) and promoting healthy lifestyles. We are glad that we came across excellent cooperation and response and that the workshops were held in an excellent atmosphere, and they were held in the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Program Y is intended for direct work with mixed groups of young people (most often of the high school age), and Program Y Manual can be used by all interested educators, students, teachers, professional associates, that is, everyone interested in these topics and education about the same. This was also one of the activities implemented by the Centre E8 within 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women.

Program Y, also known as the “Be a Man” program, is implemented in Serbian by the Centre E8 within the YMI – Young Men Initiative, supported by CARE International Balkans, Austrian Development Cooperation and Oak Foundation.

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