“Be a Man” Clubs established in the Correctional Service Facility

October 11, 2023 News

“Be a Man” Clubs continue to grow inspiare and change!

Last month, two “Be a Man” Clubs were inaugurated in the Correctional Service Facility, in the open and closed center in Lipjan.

These clubs represent an approach to promoting gender equality and a safe, inclusive environment!

The “Be a Man” Club initiative is rooted in the belief that young men should not be seen as obstacles but as allies in advancing gender equality. Empowering young men to advocate for positive change, showcases the importance of everyone’s role in building a world where gender equality and safety are shared responsibilities.

During this meeting, participants discussed their expectations and contributions to the clubs, fostering open dialogue and commitment to promoting positive masculinity and gender equality. This meeting also featured a presentation on the history and significance of the “Be a Man” initiative, highlighting its impact in reshaping perceptions of masculinity and fostering respect, equality, and empathy.

This activity is implemented within YMI – Young Men Initiative – “Future for You(th): Young People as Leaders of Life Skills Education in the Balkans”, financed by the Austrian Development Agency, Oak Foundation,, and is implemented by CARE International Balkans in cooperation with SIT.


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