Conference “Fatherhood and Gender Equitable Parenting in the Balkans: Practice, Policy and Research”

November 2, 2015 Regional and International

CARE International Balkan with the support of the CARE Norway, Austrian Development Cooperation, Swiss Government and OAK Foundation is announcing the Conference „Fatherhood and Gender Equitable Parenting in the Balkans: Practice, Policy and Research

CARE International Balkan with its headquarter in Sarajevo with patronage of Member of Presidency of BiH dr. Mladen Ivanić and partnership of the Ministry for Human Rights and Refuges BiH, Agency for Gender Equality BiH is organizing international conference „Fatherhood and Gender Equitable Parenting in the Balkans: Practice, Policy and Research“ that will be held November 12th -13th 2015 in Hotel Terme Ilidža, Hrasnička cesta No 14 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting at 09.00 a.m.

This conference is organized by CARE International Balkans, in partnership with local non-governmental organizations and with the support of CARE Norway, Austrian Development Corporation, OAK Foundation and Swiss Government.

The goal of the conference is to promote best practice and policies that support fathers and care givers to be more actively engaged in all aspects of child care and home life. We have invited international and European experts to share current knowledge in the field, with a noted expert Dr. Gary Barker presenting on the State of the World fathers, the first of its kind report on fatherhood around the world. In addition current efforts in the wider Balkans region will be shared.

This Conference is part of the activities of the “Boys and Men as Allies in Violence Prevention and Gender Transformation in the Western Balkans“ an initiative focused engaging boys and men in the promotion of gender equality and addressing all forms of violence. In 2015 CARE and partners launched the “Super dad” campaign, part of the Global Men Care campaign, whose aim is to promote men`s involvement as equitable, responsive and non-violent fathers and caregivers.

The conference will be great opportunity for government representatives, researchers and NGO practitioners to learn about existing programs that work with men on gender equitable fatherhood as well as to discuss best practice models and policies of engaging fathers as part of national gender equality strategies.

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