Campaign “React as Human”

October 2, 2015 Regional and International

On Friday, 2nd October 2015, the International Day of Non-Violence, Be a Man Club Banja Luka of CARE’s partner organization Perpetuum Mobile from Banja Luka, launched the campaign “React as Human” in three secondary schools in Banja Luka.

In the Agricultural School, Vocational School and Hospitality, Trade and Tourism School partners from Banja Luka presented their work and the beginning of educational workshops in schools starting from the beginning of October 2015. They also presented the video on educational workshops and discussed with the young people about the documentary film “Be a Man – Change the Rules” and, most importantly, they presented and launched the campaign “React as Human”.

Young people were also introduced to the concept of “Bystander” and together they discussed about how to influence the resolution of this problem. The conclusion of the activity, arising from the discussion, was that we need to work on building a personal attitude and responsibility towards violence in order to reach solution of the problem together. Promotional stickers “React as Human – Against Violence” were distributed to the students which they needed to give to their peers, thus stimulating them to think and react against violence. Posters React as Human were placed in a visible place in the school hall in all three schools. This campaign was conducted as part of the regional project Young Men Initiative – Boys and Men as Allies in Violence Prevention and Gender Transformation in the Western Balkans, supported by OAK Foundation, Austrian Development Agency and CARE Germany-Luxembourg.

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