“Be a man” in 10 more cities

March 12, 2015 Regional and International

Within the project “Young Men Initiative” conditions were created for the work with young men and boys to be extended to other local communities in BiH.

CARE International and partner organizations “Perpetuum Mobile” Banja Luka, “Association XY” Sarajevo and “Youth Power” Mostar gathered in Sarajevo with youth NGOs that will, until 2017, be partners in the implementation of the project in their local communities with the aim of increasing the capacity of the staff of youth organizations in providing non-formal education in the field of life skills in schools and communities of Gradiška, Živinice, Jablanica, Istočno Sarajevo, Visoko, Srebrenica, Vlasenica, Posušje, Novi Travnik and Mrkonjić Grad. The meeting was held in Sarajevo from 26-28 February 2015.

This meeting was preceded by the gathering of Advisory governing body made up of representatives from the governmental sector. Representatives of entity ministries of education, health, youth, internal affairs, gender centers as well as representatives of cantonal authorities met at the two-day gathering.

The project “Young Men Initiative” has been implemented since 2006. The project is supported by the Government of Switzerland, Austrian Development Agency, OAK Foundation and CARE Germany-Luxembourg.

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